Sunday 24 September 2017

Uniko Sunday


I love how easy the Uniko background block stamps are for batch making cards and thought that I would share a couple of the sets that I have made this weekend.

First up is the confetti style of the scattered polka dot background from this month's release combined with the simply said sentiment blocks:

I used my Tim Holtz stamp platform as it meant that I could produce the same design multiple times, just changing up the colours as I went.  I also stamped a light colour and then a shade darker at the top to create a slight ombre effect.  The black sentiments really pop.

I also created a set of thank you cards featuring the star background block in the same way.  A set of 5 cards was ready in no time!

I hope that you have some crafty fun this weekend too! 
Sarah x


  1. These are brilliant. I love the ombre effect! I also use the stamp platform -I have mini misti too which is handy for stamping sentiments and small things but the platform is great for this kind of work!

  2. I spotted these the other day and am only getting around to commenting-I love what you have done here...the stars would be fab for a Xmas card too-may need to purchase! Hope you are well and sorry not been to visit for a while x